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I'm doing this update for no reason except I'm utterly bored.

so heres the deal
schools actually not too bad, and almost over.
I have SAT's on Cinco de Mayo(sp?) woo!..not
I have officially gotten my permit. Its um...not that great, but then again I'm probably the most apathetic person in the world when it comes to driving.
Spring break has been going pretty good. Its almost over and thats shitty.
Over the past month or so I've come to terms with the fact that I can count the people I trust and depend on, on one hand.
I don't have as many friends as I did, but I'm very okay with that. I'd rather have a few friends and know the world then call two faced whores my friends.
Fuck fake people who talk behind your back. Who swear they don't, who swear they're your friends....what ev
Grow a backbone. We're way past jr. high now.

other than that. Me and Andrew are quite amazing. I like him a lot lot lot.
i don't like glasses. they make my eyes kinda dry and stuff

thats about it.

peace love and gap nig

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just some quick info

I turned 17 last thursday
I still dont drive
schools going somewhat well
I've been dating Andrew for quite sometime now and its still going strong and well<3

I'm enjoying life


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oh man so I'm chillin in feild bio on tis cool little wireless laptop.
I cant get on myspace or aim so I figured updating would be better than just sitting here.

So school has been going pretty good. I havent had a full week in awhile. Thus for quite a bit of parties have been going on. I went to one this past friday in an apple orchard. It was alright mad random people were there. Report cards are this thursday. I hope I did alright because that will determine what i'll be doing this weekend which will be another 3 day weekend holler!
Next week is thanksgiving<3333333 i dont even know what I'm doing for it. My family is scattered all over now-a-days. Oh well as long as I'm eating massive amounts of food all day I'm alllll good.

um. the bells gonna ring.

so can we talk about the lion thats on top of your head?

this past weekend was probably the best weekend I've had in a few weeks.

Me and Erika hit up The Forest of Fear, and I can't lie it wasnt all that great, but we had a good time besides all that. I slept at her house and the next morning we watched 'The Lake House' and shared some tears. I went home to shower and went online to see what was good, check the space and all that jaz and I get an IM from a sn that I hadent gotten and instant message from in over a month. It was Andrew. He got sent home on a medical discharge. Hes okay though. I was so very happy. Everything is back to normal and I couldnt be happier that hes home. I spent the rest of the weekend with him. It felt really good to be with him again..really really good

This week has been good.
I have 2 sweet 16's this weekend
2 halloween parties next week. then halloween.
I'm going to be little red riding hodd the slut version
should be fly


"and your mouth and her mouth then her mouth then my mouth and then her mouth and your mouth..."

Well oh my effing god.
This weekend was awesome to like the 8th power.

Friday was a pretty okay day. I wasnt in the best mood but I got over it fairly quick. I went to see the Black Daliah with Vin and Lunchbox. It was pretty bad, but I think thats just cause' I didnt get it. eh what can you do? During this movie some gay guy told us to shut the fuck up, it was kinda funny I can't lie, but Lunchbox was pretty pissed. Other than that it was a pretty cool time.

Cast party..well words cant describe it, but I guess I can think of a few like..

-My old booth winning an awesome award..Finally..then losing it
-some girl on girl action
-picnic table humping
-looking fucking fly as hell
-my badass breaking into booths skills
-ridiculously sore feet
-some really hot hooking up
-oscar moments
-not looking at the camera no matter what

and so much other stuff. It was way fun.

I was so tired Monday, but I was in the mood for Pizza Hut real bad. So after school Billy and I went to get him a job at EB games then it was off to Pizza Hut the newburgh mall and John G's house, followed by a longg nap.

Today was picture day. I hope mine came out good. Today I also found out Andrew was admitted to a hospital yesterday for terrible chest pains. Hes okay but it freaked me out really bad. I hate that hes gone, but I hope everything is going great for him and I'm counting the weeks till he comes back (12).

last weekend of Ren. Faire is coming up
oh what a season
and next season Nikkie Ilyana and I will officially be able to retire the Jailbait Triplets, sad but exciting.

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School has begun and I'm a cooler upperclassmen. Which I guess is okay. I'm in the second week and I don't mind it too much I just have so much stuff to do this year its freaking me out. So I hope I do okay.
Andrew left last saturday. It was a lot harder saying bye to him than I thought it was going to be. I miss him a lot but I'm okay with him being gone. Like it really dosnt bother me which is odd, so now I'm a little scared that either it hasnt hit me yet or I am seriously just weird lol.

Faires' cast party is this weekend!!! its gonna be fresh to death

and heres something I thought was sweet

stinkerbell208: so i have like a little group of sophomores who think i'm hot
stinkerbell208: its kinda funny
stinkerbell208: lol
Miss PiggyS216: haha
Miss PiggyS216: you are hott.
Miss PiggyS216: god if i was gay, i'd do you in a heartbeat

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Ah August

This now means summer is half over, but I'm enjoying it very much except for the fact that its flying by. I came home today from FL with Erika which was a really good time, but I missed home and my other friends and parents..weird. I unfortunately missed the opening weekend of faire, but i'll get there this coming weekend and all will be cool.

Also just to state it I've found a boy who is really something, but hes leaving for like ever. Some luck eh? Well I suppose I'll worry about it when its time too until then I'm just gonna enjoy what I have.

this was pointless
but now I must quote this from well...myself
the forever un-answered question from last summer

'Who the hell puts rocks in the woods?"

thank you and good nite<3
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I would just like to start off by saying that New Paultz is the gayest town ever. People there don't shower and they have the worlds oldest Shop Rite.

Any who summer has been going pretty okay. It still kinda feels like I have to go to school and this is just a week break or something, but its not and I should probably snap out of it. I unfortunately failed math and need summer school, but I'm not going so oh well. I am on the other hand going to FL. with Erika which should be good.

Soo I met a nice boy who likes me a lot he even left me 12 roses at my door with like these 12 dangling numbers giving me 12 reasons why we should be together and a really nice card, and I feel like a bitch cause' I'm not sure if I want to commit to him. Its annoying and starting to bother me.
eh idk =\

hmm..what else?
I need to get new Ren. Faire papers cause yeah I cant find mine and if I dont i wont be working this summer which would be sad because then the Jailbait triplets wont exist cause' I'm the only one not legal and I make up the third party, so I guess I should get on that so we can get voted for cool things again this year, and WIN!

I'm tired
laterr xo
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